Sappy Bull Fighters is the 190th and final short to star the Three Stooges.


The Stooges are vaudeville entertainers who trek to Mexico to perform their gag bull fight shtick, with Joe as the brave matador, and Moe and Larry dressed in a bull costume. Unfortunately, their gig is cancelled once they arrive, leaving them stranded. Feeling bad for them, attractive senorita Greta (Greta Thyssen) gets the boys a gig at the local bull ring. Joe is so ecstatic that he plants a kiss right on Greta's cheek, much to the chagrin of her jealous husband José (George J. Lewis).

In an act of revenge, José pays the bullring attendant (Joe Palma) to release a live bull into the ring. Moe and Larry flee the ring, but Joe is unaware of the switch. He eventually head-butts the wild animal, and is paraded out of the ring to the rousing cheers of "Olé, Americano!"


Though filmed in autumn 1957, this film would not be released until nearly two years later. By that time, the Stooges were experiencing a rebirth in popularity, due the release of their shorts on television. In essence, the June 1959 release of Sappy Bull Fighters actually competed with the enormously successful television revival.

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