The Three Troubledoers is the 91st short subject starring American slapstick comedy team the Three Stooges. The trio made a total of 190 shorts for Columbia Pictures between 1934 and 1959.


The Stooges are exhausted cowboys who come upon the town of Dead Man's Gulch. The town's population seems to be shrinking, as evidenced by the sound of gunfire and dwindling numbers on the population sign. Badlands Blackie (Dick Curtis) and his gang are the reason behind this; six sheriffs have been killed in just five months, plus the blacksmith has been kidnapped and Blackie is threatening to eliminate him unless his daughter, Nell (Christine McIntyre), agrees to marry him. After an impromptu battle with Blackie, involving Moe using a "secret weapon" which literally blows up in his face, the locals crown Curly their new sheriff, and Moe and Larry deputies. At first, Moe and Larry are against the idea of staying in Dead Man's Gulch, but an indignant Curly wants to stay and marry Nell, who has promised to wed whoever saves her father.

However, Badlands Blackie returns to claim Nell as his own and tries to force her to marry him. On his way to make the marriage legit, the Justice of the Peace is accosted by the Stooges and Curly heads to his office in his place. He attempts to stall the wedding, but is eventually found out and is locked up like a dog, complete with collar strapped tightly around his neck. As a result of it all, Blackie again demands Nell marry him, but at his hideout in Skull Bone Pass. Nell promises to arrive by sundown.

Meanwhile, Moe and Larry manage to get Curly out of the collar (not without mishap, of course), and they take off to Skull Bone Pass by way of a three-man tandem bike. They arrive just in time and fight it out with Blackie and his cohorts. Outgunned, the boys run off towards the powder shed and Blackie and his boys take off after him. Moe again tries to use his secret weapon, which again ends in failure, and in disgust, Larry throws it onto the ground, causing it to spark, catch on fire, and shoot a rocket out into the powder shed. Blackie and his boys notice but can't make it in time as the powder shed explodes, utterly defeating them. Nell's father, who was also in the shed, comes out of the smoking ruins and, upon learning that Nell plans to marry Curly due to his efforts, claims that he'd "rather die" first. Curly, obliging, hands him a lit stick of dynamite, but Nell knocks it out of his hands and throws it at the boys, who turn high tail and run off.

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